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Why many people in the market refuse to buy Auction properties?

As we all know, investment is the key to financial freedom. Perhaps, like most people, you have concerns on the following issues.

Lack of Time

Most people are extremely busy at work to build their careers and struggling to make ends meet, and they don't have the time to find good investment opportunity.

What if the opportunity comes knocking on your door?

Lack of Experience

Some people can create good wealth, while some are debt-laden in the wrong investment. Afraid of purchasing wrongly or being cheated is the main obstacle to holding them to invest.

What if there are experts with more than 10 years of experience who can share their knowledge with you?


No Initial Capital

Most people cannot afford to invest because they do not have sufficient savings. A large amount of capital is involved in property investment, such as down payment, renovation, lawyer fees, stamp duty, and valuation fees.

What if someone can provide capital to you?


Loan Disapproval

In doubt of loan ability, and afraid of loan rejection after buying a property, and therefore missing the golden opportunity

What if your loan can be quickly approved?


Lack of Resources

Meeting the right person is essential to determine your success or failure. Property agents, bankers, auction houses, developers, lawyers or accountants, everyone plays a very important role.

What if you have all the resources at your fingertips?



Chris Yong

Founder of CY Academy

" Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much."

Dr Chris Yong graduated from University of Malaya with a B.A (Hons) and completed his D.B.A in France. With more than 15 years of marketing experience in the finance and banking industry, Dr Chris Yong founded Cy Academy Group Sdn Bhd and performed a major role in the establishment of all its subsidiaries. He holds several positions including:

- Founder and Chief Executive Offer of Cy Academy Group Sdn Bhd, a renowned property finance academy in Malaysia.

- Founder and Managing Director of Findoc Sdn Bhd, a leading loan screening and advisory platform in Malaysia.

- Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Bidnow Sdn Bhd, the ‘Fastest-growing Bidding Platform In Malaysia’ according to the Malaysian Book of Records.

Having garnered more than 50,000 audiences through speaking in hundreds of online and physical seminars on Finance, Property and Marketing matters, Dr Chris Yong is now a leading expert and educator in the field of property investment. Over the years, Dr Chris Yong has been recognised for his ongoing commitment to excellence. Here is the list of accolades and awards that Dr Chris Yong received:

- 2020 Successful People in Malaysia by Britishpedia

13 years



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Office worker or investment novice
Business owner or investor

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Knowledgeable, experienced, humble and willing to share

Chris is one of the best guru in property investment as well as financial planning advisor. He is knowledgeable, experienced, humble and willing to share his knowledge. Highly recommended.
user (3)
Ng Tze Wei
/ 17 Dec 2021

Highly recommend their courses and teaching system

Wonderful sharing and comprehensive class. Teachers are very sincere and knowledgeable. Highly recommend! 5 Star!
user (3)
Eve Ho
/ 22 Oct 2020

Listen to our concern and make the best recommendation

Chris is knowledgeable and professional. He always listen to your concern and then make the best recommendation and provide advice according to his best judgement that suit your needs. Keep it up the good work.
user (3)
Joyce Loh
/ 27 Apr 2020

Appreciate his sincerity in attending to all questions raised

Chris is a humble person that willing to share his knowledge and experience in property and banking. Appreciate his sincerity in attending to all questions raised that sometimes he even replies during midnight.
user (3)
Wee Chin
/ 3 Dec 2020

Knowledgeable & Reliable speaker

A knowledgeable & reliable speaker, provides lots of useful information & willing to listen to your problem and provides suitable assistance to new comers. Highly recommended.
user (3)
Jess Lim
/ 28 May 2020

Learning + Investment platform

A recommended learning + investment platform so far. Thanks to Chris for your great sharing. I have learnt how to get the mortgage loan for easier approval.
user (3)
May Emily Tan
/ 17 Dec 2020

Generous to reveal some hidden facts

Learned a lot from Chris Yong's lessons. Generous to reveal some hidden facts that insurance agents / banker that don't. He is patient and helpful. Thanks.
user (3)
Vensson Ang
/ 17 Dec 2020

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To help and inspire more people to achieve financial freedom through effective financial management and prudent investment.