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CY Academy Partnership Program

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  1. 3 days Online Tuition Course - Property Finance [Creating Wealth and Cash Flow]
  2. 2 days Offline Tuition Course - Property Finance [Special Training Camp 2.0 - How to Enterpriseize Property]
  3. 1 hour Professional Consultant Analysis
  4. Fire Sale Deal Sharing
  5. Weekly Auction Listing and Analysis Report

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How can our investment courses benefit you?
  • Achieve financial freedom through financial management and investment knowledge
  • Understand the use of the auto-adjustment mechanism of auction property to create the first pot of gold in life
  • Choose high-quality property by using the "Eight Golden Strategic Decisions"
  • Master the skills to quickly calculate qualified loan amount and technique to increase loan capacity
  • Understand the reasons behind loan rejection
  • Understand the ordinary laws of property and deal with tax matters
  • Understand how to create passive income through property investment


Lesson 01 : Financial Management & Investment Masterclass

This masterclass will enable you to master the key knowledge of financial management and investment, and greatly enhance your concept of financial investment. You will learn the trilogy of financial management, including debt management, income management and risk management, which can help you to break the myths about financial management and prevent you from working in the wrong direction. Only when you work in the right direction, you will be able to have financial freedom sooner.

In addition, you will also learn about the things you need to pay attention to from buying to selling, including how to buy a cheaper price than the market price in the auction market, sub-sale market, and new market, allowing you to be on the right path in property investment. We will also provide you with platform resources, so that you can practice investment immediately after learning and start your investment journey smoothly.

Lesson 02: Auction Property Investment Masterclass

You will learn the “Eight Major Steps” of auctioning property investment in this masterclass. From the types of auction, the process of bidding, the matters needing attention in the investment auction, legal procedures, bank loans, auction real estate, renovation ideas, and sell off strategy, we will lead you to become a professional auction property investor. In addition, you will also get a special membership of, which allows you to find the auction property that suits you in an easier and simpler way through the platform.

Lesson 03: Banking Secret & Leverage Masterclass

In this masterclass, you will learn the knowledge and secrets of bank loans. You will learn how to choose the type of loan, how to improve your loan capacity, how to carry out debt restructuring, how to avoid loan rejection, how to solve the problem of losing 90% of the loan capacity and etc., so that you can become a favourite prospective customer of the bank.

Lesson 04: Property Law & Tax Planning Masterclass

You will learn about property law and taxation in this masterclass. Besides than telling you all the legal documents and procedures of the auction, we also allows you to achieve the best planning in the property ownership, so that you can avoid the wrong path and save a huge amount of legal fees and stamp duty. In addition, you will also learn how to make strategic tax planning, how to save industrial profit tax, and how to use corporate structure so that you can save taxes wisely and continue to obtain bank loans to purchase real estate.

Lesson 05: REIT Strategy & Passive Income Masterclass

In this masterclass, you will learn how to make good use of REIT to create a stable passive income. We will use real cases study to share with you how to convert property into REIT to achieve higher and more stable passive income. In addition, we will also tell you how to calculate your financial freedom password, so that you can have a more systematic way to complete your financial goals and achieve financial freedom as soon as possible.

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